Waffle Amore

She Found Her Amore

After a few decades in the trenches of Silicon Valley’s high tech industry, Judy Vandoorne decided it was time to pursue a new adventure. She shed her corporate costume for a chef’s coat and soon Waffle Amore was launched!

Waffles had always intrigued Judy, so she went to Belgium to learn from an esteemed baker at the manufacturing facility where she purchased her specialty waffle oven. There, she learned the fine art and balance of ingredients to create both the Liege and Brussels types of waffles.

After spending several months after her training working at Farmer’s markets and “Fancy Fairs”, Judy came back to the US to create her own menu.

Today, Judy and the colorful Waffle Amore food truck can be found around the Bay Area.

The foundation of the waffles that Waffle Amore serves, are based upon the traditional Belgian waffle recipes. Judy has added her own twist with her special biscuit waffle and cornbread waffle to certain recipes. From that foundation, she has created both a sweet and savory portfolio of flavors that delight a wide variety of appetites.

Every recipe that you find at Waffle Amore was created (with love!) by Judy. The sauces, the combinations, the sides and the touches, all reflect Judy’s creativity and passion for feeding people delectable meals that leave you wondering if you’re in a traditional Beligian bakery or a modern gourmet restaurant.